Culture does not create behavior


By Managing Behavior, you Create a Performing Culture

From Strategy to Delivery

Making Decisions Count

Purpose and Principle

Where Transformation Occurs

For over 2 decades, the work of Executive Intent has been as the transformative agent to over 50 companies, ranging from Fortune 10s to startups. 

The Successes

The results have been astounding, enabling results of 100% or more corporate growth – and that in Fortune 1000 companies – with a cumulative savings of in excess of $2B. It consistently enthralls and excites me to herald these transformations, and see the resultant benefits. Most of the time, the rank and file of the company don’t even recognize that change has occurred, at least not overtly. But over a short period of time, they grasp the impact, and become, to quote Dee Hock, that “vital, living set of beliefs”.

Execution Focus

We primarily work in the realm of information technology organizations, not because of the technology – twiddling bits will never fundamentally enhance a business – but due to the impact that IT can have on business. IT, HR, and Finance all span the core of any business, but only IT can effectively transform business operations by enabling cheaper, better, and faster methods for the business to operate – IT is the mechanism of change.

As such, Information Technology has the greatest potential to make or break a business ; to create market differentiation and competitive advantage. This is not done through technology, per se but in the behavioral interactions and relationships that, in many cases today, are broken.

Yet IT is relegated – often self-inflicted – to the role of running a service delivery function for the company. That is a business AND and IT failure, that we will explore, debunk, and hopefully, correct with the thoughts and experiences contained within.

This topic is further explored in the On Business blog posts.

MAKING what you want to happen, to actually happen in your organization, repeatably, consistently, and with measurable improvements to the bottom line.

Executive Intent

More than any one factor in a business’s life, are the values which guide how you make decisions.

Strategic Planning and Follow Through

Quick, concise, actionable - strategic planning is the foundation to establishing business direction .... and the appropriate operations and technology  - enabling the business to drive to their future and succeed in their goals.

Strategic planning is not an annual “do it and forget it” process - translating this into actionable plans, is where you can start to derive real value.

“If only everyone worked together effectively, we would be so much more successful.”

A Proven Process • A Team of Experts

A boutique consultancy, staffed by highly qualified professionals with exemplary credentials, Executive Intent has a track record of delivering real, tangible value through consistent action throughout an organization.

We can help, as we have many others, delivering over $2B in tangible, measured savings, and many times that in growth opportunities.

And that is just the start point

See how we can make YOUR operation more effective.

Enjoy the ever evolving content of this site, as we explore some of the learnings experienced.

Kirk Rheinlander, President and Founder

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"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its' success, then to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things." 

-  Machiavelli