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Managing from a Risk Management Perspective

Management is all about controlling risk. You need to know what these risks are, and how good/bad you are at containing the issues.

Risk Factors

    1    People

    2    Process

    3    Technology

    4    Leadership / Culture

    5    Organizational Effectiveness

Ideally, you would understand a set of factors around the risk elements.

    •    Have you identified the majority of the risk topics?

    •    To what degree does the risk exist in a given topical area?

    •    What things are triggers to the risk?

    •    What things are symptoms / observations that a risk is occurring?

    •    What is the probability that the risk might occur?

    •    What do you have in place to detect / flag those symptoms?

    •    How could you minimize / avoid the risk from occurring?

    •    How are you going to recover, should the risk occur?

We have developed a comprehensive set of risk questions, with range response answer (to constrain variability in the understanding of the questions/answers), and some great presentation tools. Combined with our comprehensive experience across a broad range of industries, we have seen a wide range of risk mitigation approaches, and have seen what works, what doesn’t, and why.

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