From Strategy to Delivery

Making Decisions Count

Culture does not create behavior


By Managing Behavior, you Create a Performance Culture



Executive Intent

More than any one factor in a business’s life, the values which guide how a business makes decisions is more important than almost any other factor.

      -- However, just stating those values does not make it so.

When stated vs. actual behavioral values are not aligned, people end up making decisions for the wrong reasons, spending resources on efforts that get overturned, and general schizophrenia in the overall decision making process -- wasting lots of money along the way.

Identifying the core decisions values of the executives - their intent - and putting them into an actionable framework, can result in massive change, typically in a very short time frame.

Unique Approach - Consistent Success

Our view of business is in this totally different way. We don’t see business as projects and budgets, but rather as a systemic inter-relationship of human behavior - behavior, that when understood, can be managed to radically change how you work, optimizing the performance.  Change cannot be effectively driven from dictating process, or technology, or even budget. However, change IS all about executive intent - translating the decision values of your executives into behavioral actions of everyone in the organization.

-- Strategy execution through executive intent

We avoid being involved in “fire-fighting”, but preferably, build “sprinkler systems”. Rather than concentrate on the individual projects, we concentrate on identifying and improving the systemic, cultural, organizational, or behavioral characteristics that impede effective delivery of business value through information technology, leveraging your existing wealth of talent, and getting everyone making decisions for the same reasons and in line with core decision values.

-- Turning executive intent into action.

Our track record speaks for itself. With over $2B in tangible, measured savings delivered, and a clientele that includes more than 2 dozen Fortune 1000 companies - including 5 Fortune 100s - and as small as start up organizations, we can bring real value, in very short timeframes, to your organization.

Strategic Planning and Follow Through

Quick, concise, actionable - strategic planning is the foundation to establishing business direction .... and the appropriate operations and technology  - enabling the business to drive to their future and succeed in their goals.

Follow Through - where the real value lies

............ But unless the organization can effectively execute this strategy, the value is not there. This is where we can really help.

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“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to hand around with them or socialize with them. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like baseball or libraries or museums or operation or if they dress differently from you. But if your business values are different, if your treatment of people is different, if you don’t agree about the behavior that you want to cultivate in your company, that is a problem. you have to be on the same page there.”

Jack Welch in the Wall Street Journal

Our Unique - and Highly Successful - Approach