From Strategy to Delivery

Making Decisions Count

Culture does not create behavior


By Managing Behavior, you Create a Performance Culture



Managing IT - A Different Perspective

We don’t try to manage technology - per se. We put in place the governance processes that facilitate effective IT management. Face it, there is probably a lot of talent in your organization - talent, that, without direction, seems to flounder, or get buried in the details. Sometimes they make good decisions - at least from the perspective of a given project. However, this may not be what is best for the enterprise.

The process we put into place has been proven in nearly 100 companies from startups to the world’s second largest corporation, and has provided radical improvements in the overall IT governance and financial performance of both IT and the parent company. This process is highly flexible, extremely repeatable, and provides consistent benefits that, in most organizations, become institutional fixtures in the running of the organization.

The core of the process is Principles - the values that are used to make decisions. Understanding these values, and how they should be applied to what decision when, is essential. You need to leverage all this knowledge in your organization, and the top executives can’t be there for every decision. Getting everyone to behave the same way for the same reasons, and for the right places, is highly effective for massive cultural and business change. Broadly supported decisions can then be made, and the empowerment that gives to people - in line with executive intent - is amazing

The Ideal Sequence - Ideal, but not mandatory ......

  1. BulletStrategy - WHAT the business wants to do

  2. BulletStrategic Metrics - characteristics that insures that subordinate efforts are adding to the desired value

  3. BulletBusiness Tactics - HOW the business wants to create this value

  4. BulletPrinciples - statements of value that guide decisions

  5. BulletPrinciples Alignment - against a behavioral view of the organization, such that all decisions might be made synergistically

  6. BulletIT Direction - WHAT IT needs to do to enable the strategy and tactics for the business

  7. BulletIT Delivery - HOW IT plans on delivering the WHAT

  8. BulletCurrent Environment - a qualitative analysis of the technology landscape across the complete coverage model of platforms, applications, data, operations, security, people and process

  9. BulletGap Analysis - the delta between where we are and where we want to go - made up of keepers, retirement candidates, and components we need to build or buy

  10. BulletImplementation Priority - the delivery sequence roadmap

  11. BulletCost Model - what it takes to acquire the build/buy items

Seems like a lot of effort? With well proven templates, “shopping lists” of content to select from, comprehensive training materials, and expertise from delivery in over 40 companies, the work output is highly pragmatic and efficient.

Contact us - we can get you on the track to more effective business value delivery through information technology.